Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday--may 15th, 2014

Matty V. reports UMass is in early-stage talks with the Sun Belt.

Dan Malone also has a story about the possible move to the Sun Belt. There are an number of media links about the same topic, but they are all repeating the same information.

Sports Illustrated says "Why Not?"

This is good news folks! UMass would join the Sun Belt as a football only member. Minuteman hoops could stay in Atlantic 10 and all the Olympic Sports could stay put also.

We badly need some conference to take us while Coach Whipple's reforms take hold. I've had two separate media professionals tell me that the Minutemen's dream conference, the AAC  is still a possibility in the future. You have to be astute enough to understand the AAC would not be publicly interested in a 2-22 team. If Whipple can get us to 8-4 or better, then we'd be interesting. UMass needs some breathing space for Whipple to get us there. The Sun Belt would allow us that time.

In addition, we already have a history with Georgia Southern and Appalachian State. In addition to that, we would have a presence in a talent rich area of the country.

Let's hope this comes true.


The Sun Belt's football page. Check out the league motto.


The Steelers Depot does another review the Pittsburgh's draft. They mention that even if Rob Blanchflower doesn't make the team in 2014, a year on the Steelers development squad would allow him to totally heal up and get stronger.


Details on two new bowls the MAC is affiliated with. I hope we would be at least in contention for one in 2015.


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