Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday--May 2nd, 2014

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Dan Malone has five questions with Kessan Messiah. It's going to be an interesting year for the defense.

Everybody who sees last year's tapes is going to try to run on the UMass defense. Our foray into the 3-4 last year was terminated when we were run over. Maine ran the ball 45 times and averaged 5.5 yards a carry. Kansas State ran 46 times for 7.2 yards a pop.

Most 3-4 defenses like to have a monster nose tackle that the offensive lineman can't move. We don't have that. One thing a defense can do is commit the strong safety to run stopping. Our two 2014 DB recruits Jerall Addo 6-2 190 and Charan Singh 6-2 195 are both bigger than any of our current DB's. It wouldn't surprise me to see at least one of them play as a true freshman.

At the Spring game the following were the "ones" for the linebackers:

Out of spring ball with injuries were:

Other linebackers looking to contribute:
New this year to the team:
In the 3-4, the SAM linebacker can play standing up or with his hand down depending on the situation. So a number of Minutemen DE's could see time as a LB.


Nick O'Malley of MassLive looks at Rob Blanchflower as a draft day sleeper.


Adham Talaat, a former UMass player now at Gallaudet University hopes for call during the NFL draft.




Remember I said FBS teams will want to run the ball at us? Boston College will look to the run again this year.


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