Saturday, May 03, 2014

Recruiting 2015-- Qaadir Sheppard III

I've blogged about Qaadir Sheppard a couple of times before. He's a 6-3 222 pound DE from New Rochelle, NY.

Sheppard is a three-star player.

Partial quote from a May 2nd article:

"Joining the Orange are Rutgers and Boston College in his top three. While that group remains intact, there are two other schools starting to make some noise. Originally looking at an early summer decision, that time frame appears to have been pushed back just a bit.

”That’s still the case,” Sheppard said. “But I’m really starting to like Old Dominion University and UMass a lot. They’re starting to get in the picture. I really don’t know when I’ll decide right now."

Besides UMass, Sheppard holds offers from BC, Syracuse and Rutgers.


Anonymous said...

Well school is out, and UMASS never gave students directions on getting tickets to it's August 30 game in Foxboro. They forgot about 20,000 potential fans, with skin in the game. Missed opportunity, no forward thinking.

TopUMassFan said...

Let's be honest...UMass could give it's students directions to McQuirk and most wouldn't make it. The students know where Gillette is as they've been there for concerts and Patriot games; they choose not to support their team for many reasons (ie distance, alcohol issues, current condition of the team).

In today's electronic media world, UMass can still send emails or texts or tweets to all the students giving them directions to Gillette and maybe they should. I'm not convinced it would make a difference. Winning will make a difference and games on campus will make a difference. Not sure both of those will be significant because we had winning teams on campus before and didn't fill McQuirk week to week...only the truly big games did we fill the place.

My feeling is're either a fan or you're not. You either make the effort to go or you don't. UMass doesn't have to hold your hand to be a fan.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point, but this game more than any other is a true regional draw, with alumni of both schools buying most of the tickets. BC fans will likely outnumber UMass, but still why miss a great opportunity, even though most students will be moving in that weekend or after? We will see.

vetteson said...

Many UMass kids live in eastern Mass and by mid-August the Globe will publishing columns daily concerning the upcoming game. It will the most publicized game in the northeast.

Anonymous said...

FYI- college students don't know what the Globe is, nevermind read it. The attitude of your either a fan or not, come to games on your own has never worked. How about a little creativity, using UMASS' resources, or assets. A pre- or post game concert, featuring some alumni, many of which are famous, but have never been asked to help out. But, why try something innovative, when we can do the same old, same old. which does not work.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea-father's day special, buy two tickets get a free t-shirt. Umass always gives out t-shirts, with no hook. Try it-it might work!!