Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday--February 13th, 2014

Big turnout for the Signing Day Event at the Amherst Brewing Co. last night. Coach Whipple had the flu and was down for the count. All the other coaches were there.

It was fun to see other UMass fans. After back-to-back 1-11 seasons, It was good to talk to other Minuteman football junkies. I spoke with "Steve" who keeps the UMass presence up on the MAC boards. Had a good time visiting with "Top row", who's a really knowledgeable guy. I talked a little with Liam Coen, who thinks the UMass offense will be jump started this year.

Coach Shane Waldron, who is recruiting coordinator/TE coach stepped in to show the recruiting video and did a good job.

James Ihedigbo was there and if he ever needs a second career, he could make it as a motivational speaker.


SB Nation looks at 2014 Mid-major college football recruits. Western Michigan, Toledo, Ohio and Bowling Green all signed top recruits.


NCAA proposed rule changes for 2014. One of which would put the breaks on the no-huddle offense.

More on the proposed rule changes from USA Today.


Colorado, one of this year's OOC opponents, is focusing on recruiting classes two years down the road.


Buffalo will play two FCS teams in 2014. Going 3-1 in OOC play will give the Bulls a leg up on a bowl bid.


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