Saturday, February 08, 2014

Saturday--February 8th, 2014

Byron Vance has an excellent article on how MAC recruiting ranks nationally. The article also has a spread sheet you can use to study other trends.

Note that UMass was 3rd in league in signing recruits that had BCS offers (10).

The Minutemen were fifth in the MAC in signing recruits that had other offers (10).

Not a great year for MAC recruiting. Kent State, Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan in particular, had a brutally weak year.

With transfers, it looks like UMass did pretty well relative to the MAC with the limited time available. We'll have to do better to contend for the top of the league, not to mention playing 3 or 4 BCS teams a year.


One recruiting area we got our asses kicked this year was Massachusetts.

This link has ESPN's Bay State recruits. Except for Jarell Addo and Dan DiNicola, both ESPN two-star recruits, UMass did not sign any of Massachusetts top players.

I think the training video and professor Max Page combined to make it a tough year for UMass recruiting in our home state.


When Whipple was here before, he recruited heavily in Florida. In 2003, the Minutemen had 15 players from Flordia, second in numbers only to Massachusetts.

Cover 2003 UMass Press Guide
2003 UMass players from Florida: Steve Baylark, Andrew Blumenthal, Jeremy Cain, Mike Douglas, Jason Hill, Christian Koegel, O.J. McBride, Ryan McHugh, Justin Montgomery, J.J. Moore, Glenn Opie, Rasheed Rancher, Charles Walker, Keron Williams and Mike Ziccardi. Lots of First Team All-CAA players in that list.

Hopefully, Whipple can reestablish UMass in the Florida recruiting market. The other MAC teams do not recruit Florida heavily.

This year the Minutemen signed two Florida recruits: Zeke Edmonds and Jean Sifrin.

Edmonds was the 17th ranked recruit in Palm Beach County.

Sifrin, a three star recruit, put on a show in this game in September 2013.


Anonymous said...

Siffrin turned down offers from USC and Oklahoma to come to UMass. I woild imagine he was.told that the position is his to lose.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the new motto: "Made in Florida". I don't care where they come from as long as we can start getting some "W's".

UMass74 said...

With all due respect to Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, there are three states that have more FBS-level recruits than the local teams can absorb---Florida, California and Texas.

In 2003, when Mrs Blog and went the Kansas State game we sat with a bunch of L.A. Love's relatives who had made the drive up from Texas. If I was recruiting coordinator, I'd have at one coach at least making calls to CA and TX...

Anonymous said...

He didn't have offers from Oklahoma and USC. Let's be serious and see reality. If he called either of those schools to commit they wouldn't call him back.

UMass74 said...

Uh, actually, he did have offers from those two schools plus Kansas...

Anonymous said...

Did UCLA or Cal not see him? Did K state and Texas not like him? USC did not offer him. Tough to find diamonds in the rough when your USC and 120 schools see every offer and offer them just because you did.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who offered him but pressures on he better have 10 TD's next year and 50 catches with that label in the MAC. USC's second string would be all conference players in the MAC.

Anonymous said...

Kansas, USC and Oklahoma accused Sifrin of lying to rivals and said they never offered him. He had publicly stated that USC, Oklahoma and Kansas were his top 3 but none offered him. Really doesn't mean anything Umass but just food for thought I looked it up online because I was curious.