Sunday, February 02, 2014

Superbowl Sunday--February 2nd, 2014

Coach Whipple's Twitter feed
The last time the Seahawks were in the Superbowl, Coach Whipple was there. The above image is from Whipple's Twitter feed.

Liam Coen's Twitter feed.


In Saturday's Football Scoop, it is reported that former UMass OL coach Dave Johnson has been hired at Ohio.


On January 12th, 1967 I had just gotten out of Boot Camp at Great Lakes Training Center. I was lugging my seabag through Chicago's O'Hare airport and I noticed a big crowd around one of the airport's bar's. There were so many people that the crowd was shoulder to shoulder outside the bar as people tried to look through the bar's window to see the TV's. I walked over and asked what was going on to one of the guys on the outside of the crush. "The Jets are winning!"; he said.



vetteson said...

Mr. Blogger was at Great Lakes in '68-69. I was there '67, then subs. Learned the words to "Ode to Billie Joe." I think it was played every other record my whole time there.

Looking forward to McGuirck next fall. Any news on Marcel Shipp joining the staff?

UMass74 said...

My first day of boot camp was the start of the great Chicago Blizzard of '67. We hadn't been issued any uniforms yet and I spent three days shovelling snow in a light jacket and leather shoes. I went to ET school at Great Lakes and then on to my destroyer. A couple of my good buddies from high school ended up bubbleheads. One rode the USS Clamgore and the other rode boomers.

No word on Marcel Shipp that I've heard.