Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Recruiting 2014--Blake Frohnapfel

Marcus Constano image
Matt V. reports UMass has added a QB transfer from Marshall.

Story here.

Frohnapfel's Marshall bio.

Frohnapfel will graduate in June, which allows him to play without sitting out a year.

Metro News has a story about the transfer.

UPDATE: Dan Malone has a story about Fronapfel's transfer to UMass.

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MarshallAlum83 said...

You guys got a great player here.. Cato got a leg up on Blake when they came in together because Cato ran the same system in HS and already new our offense.. Had they both came in blind I think Blake may of beat Cato out for the job.. And if Cato would of gotten hurt I believe that we would of lost virtually nothing with Blake in their at QB.. Good player, good person.. I'll be rooting for him and the Minutemen this upcoming season