Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday--February 17th, 2014

Former UMass player Mike Dawson has been promoted to assistant defensive line coach for the Eagles.

Dawson's Eagles bio.

Other Eagles coaches with UMass roots: Bill McGovern and Jerry Azzinaro.


Rob Blanchflower gets a mention at the end of this article about TE's in the NFL draft.

Blanchflower gets a longer mention in this Packer Report on the NFL combine. says when TE's are considered in the Combine, there is a need for speed.

BTW, the Combine has it's own web page here.


A couple of MAC players are among the biggest risers before the NFL Combine.


A Bleacher Report writer says Khalil Mack vs Anthony Barr is one of the most underrated stories of the 2014 NFL Draft.


2014 OOC opponent Penn State's drive to domination in Pennsylvania gets rolling.


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