Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday--February 9th, 2014 ranks the rankers: looking back at past Rivals and's recruiting rankings.


A spreadsheet with the rushing stats for every RB in FBS.


ESPN has more on the split in results between Boston College and UMass in Massachusetts recruiting.


Bloguin looks at OOC rivals for ACC teams and suggests UMass-BC.


ESPN Nation recruiting looks at the epidemic of flipping by recruits.



Florida player sends letter-of-intent to three different schools.



Anonymous said...

Clearly, the coaching staffs, past and present, did good work in recruiting size and filling in nicely the gaps left after graduation, transfers, or insufficient production. Still think we need size at DT or NG. Surprised a few more LB were not recruited. Is Kitchens still on the roster? All else seems promising heading into Spring ball. The two TE recruits were needed and impressive in how Whipple was able to take them from some exceptional programs.

Frank, what happened to your no-blogging- Sunday?!! Have a great weekend, all.

UMass74 said...

LB is one position where we're pretty well stocked.

Stanley Andre, Steve Casali, Andrew Ellis, Shane Huber, Kessan Messiah,Peter Ngobidi and Jovan Santos-Knox all return.

Kitching 6-1 300 is still with the DL.

It's the Fire Horse syndrome. I check on the overnight comments and then think "Well, while I’m here..."

Anonymous said...

Excellent work in reporting facts and expressing insight and wisdom! Thank you to Frank and all the faithful! Is Carter (OL/DL) from FL still thinking of signing on, Frank? On to spring ball! Go UMass!

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog says I'm a font of useless knowledge...