Wednesday, April 03, 2013

UMass Historical Scans-- 1965 and 1966

This blog post starts with a screw-up by yours truly. Regular readers will find that hard to believe, I know.

Last year the President of the UMass DC Alumni Association sent me three game programs from 1965 and 1966. I did the scans and held on to them for a slow period in the blog. I  switched computers (after carefully backing up the scans and his e-mail). Then I couldn't find them again in all the various thumb drives and CD-Rom backup discs I have collected. Recently I found the scans, but his e-mail is still missing.

The UMass roster contains some names that loom large in UMass football. Future All-Pro Greg Landry was at QB.

Future NFL 1st-round pick and NFL All-Pro Milt Morin was at TE.

Phil Vandersea went on to play for Vince Lombardi.

Several of the covers are not politically correct, but it was a different era.

I've added the thirteen scans to the UMass historical scans Picasa web album.

Right click on the images here and Blogger displays a larger view.

UMass-Holy Cross 1965
UMass 1966 Roster
UMass 1965 Coaches
UMass 1966 Marching Band
UMass 1965 roster

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