Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday--April 11, 2013

We've looked at the UMass offensive line for spring 2013.

The UMass receiver corps has also had a lot of changes since last fall

Gone are:

  • Deion Walker -- Graduated. 59-667 11.3 AVE 3 TD 38 LONG (led team)
  • Alan Williams--Graduated 42-438 10.8 AVE 4 TDs (led team) 50 LONG
  • Brian Dowling--left the program
  • Marken Michel--left the program 22-229 8.2 AVE 56 LONG
Returning are:
Added this Spring:
The UMass website does not have links to individual recruits. The whole list is here.


Athlon Sports has the ten worst coaches for 2013. Two of them are in the MAC.


Gunner Kiel picked Cincinnati.


Victor Cruz's jersey was #5 in NFL sales last year.

Eli Manning and Cruz work out together at Duke.


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