Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday--April 21st

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It was a chilly. but inspiring day yesterday for UMass football. Coach Molnar didn't get 5,000 for the game, but it was the biggest turnout I've seen in my decades of watching Spring Football games.

The first and longer half featured a blended alumni team and the varsity. Things got faster in the second half with an all-varsity scrimmage  The second half featured some nice catches by the rookie UMass receiving corps.

The UMass website has the story, images and video.

MassLive has a story about the team honoring the Boston Marathon runners. One of the runners had a very personal connection with one of the victims of the tragedy.

Matty V has a story about the ceremony  honoring the runners. He also has an article about a link between a UMass player, a runner and a MIT police officer.

The Boston Herald also covers the Spring game.

Alumni players (both lists from game program):

  • CJ Koegal '07
  • Frank Fay '86
  • Matt Goldstein '04
  • Rob O'Connor'0
  • Larry Cabelli '06
  • Jason Cherry '02
  • Gregory Ward'02
  • Matt Murphy '99
  • Lamar Newsome '91
  • Vincent Westcarr '12
  • John Benzinger '86
Alumni Attending:
  • Jeron Alston
  • EJ Barhel '07
  • Clift Bolden '01
  • John Burgess '61
  • Ed Campbell '02
  • Ned Dean '77
  • Bill Deflavio '73
  • Peter Ditomasso '82
  • Deyate Haygood '99
  • John Hendry '77
  • James Ihedigbo '07
  • Andrew McClay '90
  • Dan Markowski '96
  • Lance Overby '00
  • Joe Sabella '95
  • Brian Smith '01
  • Kevin Sullivan '80
  • Darryl Thomas '00
  • Todd Tinker '94


12,500 showed up for Wisconsin's Spring game.


Boston College received verbals from two Massachusetts players Kevin Cohee and Jon Baker.

BC Interruption reacts.


Around the MAC:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer says the Spring Games of Akron and Kent State featured the running game.

Defense dominated in NIU's game.

Ball State's Keith Wenning has thrown for 7, 254 yards and 57 TD's and he still has his senior year to go.


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