Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday--April 25, 2013

The Orlando Sentinel is doing a series on all 125 FBS teams for 2013. They have UMass at #123. It's a pretty good look at where the Minutemen are right now. Our second FBS recruiting class won't arrive until August.

The UMass defense was mostly competitive in the MAC last year. This year's recruits should add more dept and more speed. We're still small up front; but UMass should be better than last year on the defensive side of the ball.

The offense is still a worry. UMass was last in rushing and last in total offense in the MAC. We have some good running backs on the roster and Lorenzo Woodley coming in. ESPN three-star WR DJ Woods could make an impact in the WR corps. The offensive line is the big question mark. Last year Michael Cox spent the last four games of the season running into a wall of opposing jerseys.


The Sun-Chronicle looks at possible late-round NFL draft picks from New England players and mentions Darren Thellen and Perry McIntyre.


ESPN Playbook interviews James Ihedigbo.


The latest rumor is the Giants have upped their offer to Victor Cruz to $8 Million.

Giants co-owner John Mara thinks the Giants and Cruz will get it done.


With the MAC's help, NIU made a solid profit on the Orange Bowl.

The Bleacher Report says NIU has the best returning depth in the MAC.


Video highlights from the Wisconsin Spring game.


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