Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday--April 22, 2013

The UMass All-Access site has video from ESPN and CBS3 about the football team's tribute to the Boston Marathon runners at the Spring Game.


Around the MAC:

Ball State is also upgrading its facilities.

Is the Cardinals' Wenning the best QB in the conference?

A review of the Miami Redhawks defensive line for 2013.


UConn continues to get flack over their new helmets. The UConn blog asks if the new lids are the worst thing ever created by human hands.

BC Interruption checks out the UConn helmets and all most has a seizure.


Now drones are coming to college football.


The once-powerhouse prep football school Hargrave Academy is closing its football program.


Giants 101 says Victor Cruz has three options now that the first round tender on him has expired.

The Yahoo Sports Blog says that means Cruz will be a Giant in 2013.


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