Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thursday February 7, 2013

UPDATE: 247 Sports ranks UMass' class as tied for third in the MAC. And 101st overall.

Most other sites haven't added Woodley yet.


A quick comment on yesterday's recruiting class. We'll have all Spring to hash things over, but one thing jumps out--- offensive linemen. Remember how well we played in the first Michigan game? We had TWO all-conference running backs and an experienced offensive line. We ran the ball, shortened the game and looked good doing it.

This year our biggest failure was UMass' inability to run the ball. We averaged 89.6 yards a game and 2.6 yards a carry. That was good for a bottom five ranking in all of FBS for 2012. Taking out Cox's 200+ yards against Miami of Ohio, we could dead last in FBS rushing.

If you can run the ball, generally speaking, you've got a good looking QB. If the QB is continually comes up to call the play and it's third-and-13 like we did all 2012, his stats are going to
look really sad. For the play action pass to work, the defense has respect the run somewhat.

So the upshot is we really need to improve our running game. And it all starts up front. It'll take a couple of years for before this year's recruiting class hits its stride, but the offensive linemen we recruited this year will make us competitive in the future. Offensive linemen don't make your recruiting class look good on paper because they don't get a lot of "stars' for people to talk about.  This class will pay dividends in the future.

Of course an All-Conference RB wouldn't hurt either.


I wrote the above before checking the morning news. Bingo. Lorenzo Woodley signs with UMass.

Matty V has more.

Woodley's ESPN page.

According to ESPN Woodley was the highest rated recruit we signed.


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Is this fun or what?


prof. said...

The Woodley signing is a real coup! He would probably have a strong chance to start. Great get, and it really solidifies the class as extraordinary. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Charley, Great job recruiting.. But what everyone is overlooking is the great move in bringing in a very good strength and conditioning coach. A big plus for the team. Talk of excitement coming from the weight room already.. Well done. We should be able to hold on in the fourth where we lost a few games last season. We cold have pulled out four victories if we were in better condition. Fatigue also creates mental errors, so combined with a more experienced and better conditioned team we should see less of those and more victories.

Carl Brooks said...

Woodley is ok ,but when I watched his highlight all I saw was a bunch of guys who were scared to tackle him . The players in the MAC conference won't be scared to tackle & hit him. Also saw him running through huge holes .We still need an explosive RB who can do it when blocking isn't that great ! A RB with some great moves & speed .