Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday--February 24, 2013

Had a good time at the UMass basketball game yesterday. UMass won. Victor Cruz was in the house tossing t-shirts to the crowd. I got to talk with some other UMass football fans about this year's recruiting. Also in the lobby were a gaggle of UMass football recruits.


As you know, Jimmie Reid got hired at Iowa. Kirk Ferentz, the head coach at Iowa, was also HC at Maine from 1990-92. In an interview, someone asks him how the UMass-Maine series went when Ferentz was there.


Harry Plumer of MassLive has a story about Cruz's visit. Victor thinks things look bright in both football and basketball.


CBS Sports says the Big East and ESPN have agreed to a TV package through 2019-20.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- mentions Cruz's contract negotiations with the Giants.


This article from SB Nation has news from the NFL combine, but the most interesting reading is explanations of the combine drills, such as the Bench Press.


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