Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday--February 11, 2013

There will be no update on the blog tomorrow. The way the travel arrangements worked out, I'll be toast by the time I get home.


There's been some rumors that Penn State would be looking to ditch it's scheduled game with UMass in 2014. This article discusses the Nittany Lions 2014 schedule.


Several commenters have mentioned that Coach Molnar used one of the open coaching positions to hire a dedicated football strength coach. I don't I've linked to hiring article. The UMass website has a story covering Coach Golden's hiring.

The videos are not available in this article, but it relates his success with the Bulls.

This video says Coach Golden likes to see success.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says when the Catholic Seven split, the Big East wants to keep the Name.


Eli Manning and Victor Cruz were named "best dynamic duo" in the NFL.

John Mara says Victor is asking for too much.


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vetteson said...

The Woodley news is getting out there, heard about it from someone in Texas.

Great news about Doug Clark and his recent success. Doug is a good friend and a former student of mine!

As far as the 3000 student one-sport Jesuits go, let them cherry-pick teams for other conferences to form their own speciel group, maybe the Big East can then reorganize as an all inclusive major university multi-sport conference that, one day, includes us.