Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday--February 14, 2013

Yesterday in the report from the UMass Football Banquet Coach Molnar said Kevin Lovaincy and Johnny Bieren were the offensive and defensive scout players of the year. Sometimes it's hard to remember we had freshmen who didn't play 2012.

I don't think I've blogged about Lovaincy before. He's a 6-4 198 pound WR from Cambridge, MA. His UMass bio is here.

Highlight video from 2011.


Bieren is a 6-3 225 pound DE from Nashua, NH. I've blogged about Bieren before.

Bieren's UMass bio here.

Bieren's other choices out of HS were Harvard, MIT and Carengie Mellon.


Yesterday, I had an item about Big Ten teams reducing their OOC schedule to two or three games and I speculated it might lead to less MAC games with the Big Ten. It turns out that the Big Ten will drop all FCS games. That will really hurt the FCS Division as those money game are vital to their finances.

Football Scoop has "Is this the death of the FCS Division as we know it?"

UNI says the lack of FBS games could be "devastating" to their program.


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