Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday--February 17, 2013

VanDelay Sport ranks UMass' 2013 recruiting class as 8th in the MAC, ranking the Minutemen ahead of Ohio, Ball State, Miami, Akron and Buffalo.

That's a pretty good rating for our second year in FBS considering we have probably the worst facilities in the nation. When our new field house comes on line, Coach Molnar will have something other than a couple of posters to show recruits.


Then there is this writer who claims UMass had the worst recruiting class in the MAC. Not sure what recruiting service he's looking at. 247 Sports ranks UMass as 4th in the MAC, VanDelay Sports 8th and Rivals 10th. ESPN ranked UMass in the top half of the MAC.


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Anonymous said...

That guy thatwrote we had the worst class is an idiot and I told him so!

UMass74 said...

It occurred to me what he did. He ranked the classes by average stars per recruit.

So if we signed two recruits, one three star and one two star, then the average would have been 2.5 stars per recruit---and would have been a great class by his criteria. Since we had a lot of recruits, that decreases stars-per-recruit.

Not a great moment in sports journalism...

prof. said...

I would say that our incoming class rivals BC's and UConn's. It is impressive.