Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday--February 28, 2013

UMass will hold its Pro Day on March 4th at Gillette. Working our for the pro scouts will be Stephane Milhim, Nick Speller, Darren Thellen, Perry McIntyre, Mike Cox, Hafis Williams, Deion Walker and several other players.


This article by the Orlando Sentinel mentions many Dade County players signed with Northern teams (mentions Lorenzo Woodley signing with the Minutemen) in 2013 and wonders if Miami can regain its former dominance in signing locals.


Speaking of the NFL draft, the Detroit News has an article on Central Michigan OL Eric Fisher may be a 1st round draft pick. The article has some of Fisher's results from the Combine.


UMass is not the only school to have cranky professors. An Ohio University prof complains athletics are over-funded while the students are using bad grammar.


USA Today says the Catholic Seven could break with the Big East as soon as this year.

The NY Times says the  Big East  is considering selling its name.


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prof. said...

Bad grammar? speling? writing? It's endemic and it's sad.