Sunday, May 02, 2010

UMass 2010 Spring football game

Friday was a fun day for the Blog. In the morning I hiked Pack Monadnock in southern NH. The first two images in the set are a view from the summit east and the only patch of Trillium grandiflorum we saw on the hike.


The Spring Game is my first set of images on Flickr. So far I'm finding Flickr not as intuitive as Picasa. The link is here. See if it works and you can view it.

I arrived about 6:30 in Amherst. Some UMass fans and families were tailgating inside the stadium. a hefty crowd of students were drinking in the usual tailgate areas outside. The students stayed outside.

To me, it looked like the number of family and friends inside the stadium about tripled from last year. UMass did not announce the attendance.

Special thanks to the UMass Marching Band who sent a pep squad to the game and added a lot to the ambiance .

No body got hurt.

The UMass team split into two squads. Seeing the Minutemen do not dress 150 players for the game, that means some players were moved out of position to make up the squads. If anyone has any other information, add it to the comments.

As I've said before, you can't take a lot out of the Spring games. Everyone is playing at 4/5 speed and trying not to get anyone hurt.

Anthony Nelson, Christopher Green, Dan Sheeran, Tom Brandt Courtney Jackson and Jeffery Lingenfelter, all sat out the game (if they were wearing the correct jerseys).

The most entertaining play of the game was the very first play when the white squad tried a flea flicker back to Octavious Hawkins. Tyler Holmes came flying in and leveled Hawkins, who did a vertical 180 spin. He came up laughing.

Probably the most impressive thing I saw was the pass receiving. Unlike one recent year, the receivers caught about everything that was catchable. Jesse Julmiste looked fast and shifty. Woody Carter IV, playing WR had a couple of good catches. Tom Gilson had four catches and Julian Colarusso had three. Johathan Hernandez had a TD catch.

Not much to report on quarterbacks. Hawkins and Kyle Havens had almost identical stats. Third String QB Jesse Hunt looked as if he belonged.

John Griffin, the Northeastern transfer looked fast. Sean Unterkoefler was playing FB. Jamar Smith also looked fast. It seems we will have a speed backfield this year. Unless we move someone from another position, we do not have a 240 pd fullback.

With the defense broken up into two squads, it was harder to spot defensive standouts. Red shirt freshmen Christian Birt and Ryan Carter were around the ball a lot.

All in all, I thought the offense looked promising. Even with all the turnovers last year, we were #2 in the CAA in total offense. This year shows promise if we hold on to the ball.


Anonymous said...

Tripucka wasn't even playing. He is playing Lacrosse right now. That was a walk on wearing his jersey. And the announcer messed up several times in announcing the correct players.

UMass74 said...

It's always an adventure trying to identify players in a spring game.

Anonymous said...

UMass 74 do you really feel that comfortable going into the season with KH or OH at qb? Neither have impressed me and the similarities between last year and this year still exist. A talented team with a third string QB.

vetteson said...

Which color of trillium, white or lavender? Ever smelled the flower up close? The odor hints to the pollinator. Anyway, missed game but I heard that the transfers from Hofstra and N'eastern played well.

UMass74 said...

There is an image of the Trillium in the image gallery.

As for QB I have to hope for the best in 2010. I would think the UMass brain trust would really want to give Hill a red shirt year. Playing a true freshman is usually pretty ugly (ask Towson) and a tough year can hurt a player's whole career.

As I said, UMass was #2 in the CAA overall offense last year. We were #1 in redzone offense. If the Minutemen can reduce the -11 turnover margin (next to last in the CAA), we could still have a good year.

Anonymous said...

I got a feeling that Morris is going to go with Hill this year. By the look at the QB's at the Spring Game, your right they weren't that impressive. I finally got to see Hill in person and he was standing behind the offense during the Game and he is every bit of 6'5. Hopefully, they can cut down on the turnovers and they will be a solid team this year.

Anonymous said...

First of all height does not determine if you are a good quarterback, maturity and understanding of the playbook and defense does. Both of those things could be picked up quick by Hill but that is not even close to a definite for sure. I think Octavius will give them a good chance to win a lot of games as long as he is consistent. This will be a running team for sure this year, but I think Octavius will surprise many. Even with this said there is still probably a strong possibility Havens starts again.