Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday News ---- May27th, 2010

Michigan has announced the game time for UMass. High Noon. Be there.

Would Coach Rodriguez run it up against UMass to help retain his job?


The UMass-Rhode Island game on Nov 20th will be at 12:30 PM. Let's hope that game is not the last in Minutemen-Ram history. If there is another team in danger of being discontinued, it's Rhode Island. The Ocean State is so broke it can't pay its tax refunds.


The Sports Network's Craig Haley has his "Top 10 Offensive Linemen in FCS" article up.

The only CAA member is Villanova's Ben Ijalana. Since the Wildcats are the only CAA team UMass does not play in 2010, Minutemen fans will not get to see him in person unless the two teams meet in the playoffs.


100 days until the first game of the 2010 season...



Anonymous said...

Although I wish the team well at Michigan, and I'm glad UMass gets a big paycheck, it is not enough to get me to BE THERE.

With the possibility of URI dropping football, I am more than uneasy about UMass' football future.

Anonymous said...

Way to support UMASS football!!!! Continue to be uneasy, we have enough people who believe in the UMASS tradition and pride that would NEVER allow UMASS to drop football. Too bad you will miss out!!! Michigan should be a great experience.