Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday News ----- 06/30/09

The UMass Football Media Guide generally ranks high in design. In 2008 the Media guide was ranked as the best cover in FCS/I-AA (pdf).


Draft Daddy has David McCarty ranked higher than UMass' Tony Nelson in their "Top 10 Small School Running Back Prospects".


Adham Talaat, who was one of the 19 players listed on the February recruit signing list is gone from the 2009 Spring roster.


Richmond's Head Coach Mike London has received a contract extension to 2014.


Over on the Bleacher Report, there's an article on "FBS Teams that need to beware of FCS in 2009". UMass gets an honorable mention with it's Kansas State game.



Anonymous said...

University of Delaware was awarded best guide. You received best cover.

Adam Nettina said...

No way London stays at Richmond for the long-haul. No disrespect to the FCS, but the guy is too good of a coach (and has too good of a pedigree) to not make the transition up to an FBS HC position within the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Adam, I think you're correct. We saw how quick Don Brown at UMass jumped at the chance to get to a FBS program even as an assistant. He probably improved his salary as an assistant (DC) at Boston College over his Head Coach position at UMass. I hope the NCAA does away with the split between D-1 programs but accepts the FCS format to determine a real National Championship!

Anonymous said...

Brown is at Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you're correct that Brown went to Maryland as a DC. I don't know what I was thinking????