Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday News ---- 06/06/09

Fordham, coached by former UMass defensive coordinator coach Tom Mesella , is going to start awarding scholarships in 2010. They will stay as member of the Patriot League, but will not be eligible for the League Championship.


Our 2009 OOC opponent Albany returns 14 starters from its 9-3 2008 season and has already been picked to win its third straight NEC Championship.


An Oklahoma writer ranks all of the 2009 Big 12 games from 1 to 96. UMass-Kansas State is ranked 89 and the second ranked Big 12- FCS/I-AA game.

Speaking of Kansas State, eight players were named to various preseason All-Big 12 teams.



Anonymous said...

Fordham will be looking for a new home in a few years. Will be interesting to see what happens if and when the CAA splits. The Big East football members will probably be splitting up around that time as well. Lot's of possibilities for UMass football in 2011.

Buckle your seatbelts. Until then, I will enjoy the CAA and let's get ready for K-State.

Anonymous said...

Since when is the CAA splitting?

Anonymous said...

How do you know Fordham is "looking for a new home"? What evidence do you have to suggest this?

UMass73 said...

anonymous seems surprised about the CAA spliting. I guess he doesn't read this blog very often. With the addition of several new southern schools in the next few years the conferance will be south heavy with southern schools that actually have the money to financially support their football programs. Say goodbye to Northeastern and maybe even Maine. The southern schools don't like playing in high school like stadiums hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't mean it's splitting. I read more then this blog, there is no evidence the conference is splitting. Purely speculation.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Kansas State University and all our Wildcat fans, we look forward to welcoming UMass and its fans to Bill Snyder Family Stadium this Fall. Those of you who make the journey to Manhattan, Kansas, will find a warm welcome and a great football atmosphere.

Some quick 'trivia' for the fans:

* Manhattan is located in the Flint Hills of Kansas (no ... it's not all 'flat' out here!) about 2:20 west of Kansas City via I-70.

* K-State got its start in 1858, when Bluemont Central College was founded and 53 students enrolled. Five years later K-State became the first college in America to be officially designated a land-grant school.

* Current enrollment is approximately 23,500 representing all 50 states and more than 90 countries.

* The school color is royal purple. There is no official, secondary color, however silver and white are often used.

* The 'new' Head Coach is Bill Snyder, architect of what has been called the “greatest turnaround in the history of college football” during his previous tenure at Kansas State, who has returned to be the Wildcats’ 34th head football coach.

* The seating capacity of Bill Snyder Family Stadium (on campus) is just over 53,000.

* For more information on the 2009 team, you may visit (click on the 'sports' the 'football' tabs).

We'll see you in September! Have a great Summer, a successful 2009 season and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Oldefella that was very nice of you to give us some history about KSU. We look forward to our visit. Enjoy your summer