Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday News ---- 06/20/09

MgoBlog has a wish list for Michigan's still unfilled opening date in 2010. Looking at the list, IMHO the only FCS/I-A teams that would settle for a "one-and-done" series are under the "Why bother" category. 'Course Michigan will have to pay them double what the Minutemen will get.

The Michigan Daily has a comment about the opener and a remark on the UMass game.


Josh Buchanan previews the Southern Conference. Will Appalachian State end up in the National Championship game after a one year absence?


David Coulson has a new entry in his "Around FCS" column. It's called "Milking a new cash cow." Right now in the CAA, probably only Delaware and James Madison could afford the $100K guarantee.


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Anonymous said...

Well, it's not really the guarantee that's the issue. The one you give is balanced by the one you receive on the return trip. It's just the travel cost and added difficulty. Really only App St. is worth it. I don't think the casual fans know about McNeese State or even Montana. Maybe Georgia Southern, but last year would have been the year to do that.