Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday News --- 06/02/09

As you might expect, I spend quite a bit of time on the internet searching for material for the blog. Yesterday I found (courtesy of Any given Saturday) a new FCS site called "FCS Now". Apparently it's been in existence for a while. It never showed up on all those Google searches I did.


Ten UMass seniors on the the Consensus Draft Services 2010 NFL prospects list.

They also have a 2009 Preseason All-america list. I can't find the original webpage, but Appalachian State has the list here.

Vladimir Ducasse is listed as a first team All-American. Victor Cruz, Tony Nelson and Josh Jennings are Honorable Mentions. Jeromy Miles is not on the list.


Low level I-A teams receive about twice as much money as FCS/I-AA teams when playing BCS teams seeking a guaranteed win.

I saw this link over on the Wizard of Odds college football site.



Anonymous said...

samuda is not a senior yet.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that. Total Mix up, but i had a chance to talk to some coaches within the past couple of weeks, and it was said they believe Samuda is as good and/or better than most of the top end offensive lineman on the FCS level, and this is good for him especially only being a red shirt Sophomore this upcoming season. 4 year starter he will be a soon to come all American and potentially drafted.

Anonymous said...

samuda is lazy if he tried and cared a little bit more he will be a monster

Anonymous said...

why would you call him lazy ?

Obviously he is a good player, for him to be even posted on a draft board that is not even his class year, his coaches,also coaches around the league must have chatter about him, for a o- lineman his size he is pretty athletic and fast. He's more of D1-A offensive lineman, UMASS lucked out being able to get him and Vladimir Duccassee.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Miles not even listed as an honorable mention ? what's good with that?

Anonymous said...

BC's starting qb last year looking to transfer!!


UMass74 said...

BC QB transfer

Anonymous said...

Goodwin, Hasselback, Eason, Wilson. Has a BC player ever transferred here and done anything of impact? No. (well, Hasselback fumbling nearly everytime he touched the ball was impactful, but not in a good way).

Anonymous said...

I've been told by some alums that Codi Boek will be the starter this year.

I think we'll have a very good year and better than last.

Anonymous said...

How is woodward on the list?