Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recruiting 2009 ---- Ryan Carter

The Bedford Minuteman ( good name!), has an article about Ryan Carter a 5-11 185 pd WR/DB who will be joining UMass in the fall. The Blog likes that reported 4.4 40 speed.

I've blogged about Ryan and his brother Woody before. Woody's Northeastern bio here.

Woody Carter is listed as a 6-1 185 pd WR on the Dean College roster. Woody had 6 caches for 161 yards, 26.8 AVE and 1 TD for Dean in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Did I read this right both brothers are coming to UMass? Different positions than the Hatchels but I hope the Carters have as much of an impact as the Hatchels did. Frank any whispers about who the coching staff was looking at monday and who might be the transfers.

UMass74 said...

Yes, both brothers are coming to UMass.

No, the coaches are not allowed to comment on recruits or transfers until all the paperwork is completed. If the player goes public, then that's another story. Since I'm a member of Friends of football and a season ticker holder, that makes me an "agent of the college" in the eyes of the NCAA, so I would not be able to comment if I did have information of that nature, which I don't in this case.

One bit of public information I did hear, and forgot to mention, was that Coach Morris said that they wanted to make the determination of the starting QB early in August so that p[ayer would have the maximum reps with the starting offense.

Who that might be, was not disclosed.

Anonymous said...

so who does everyone think will emerge as starter QB in early august

Anonymous said...

Lets Hope its Octavious Hawkins in command out of the shotgun


Anonymous said...

I can't see UMass changing its offensive philosophy because of one player. UMass will not run the spread and will keep to its pro sets. If OH can play within that offense and use his athleticism to create yardage off broken plays and scrambles I could see him pushing for playing time as the year progresses but for now Scott Woodward.

Anonymous said...

A coach can say if they are looking at a player, though they rarely will. They just can't comment about the player. Give any details, what they think, that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any idea about the how good the defensive line is and linebackers will be this year
last year we had a poor showing

Anonymous said...

UMass has emphasized toughness and strength during this off season. Nobody was happy with the way the defensive line and linebackers were pushed around last year.