Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday News ----- 03/06/09

Shawn Bodtmann, the PA recruit that had his scholarship revoked by Nebraska, has signed with Maine.

Bodtmann was a Rivals three-star recruit and a top-100 position player.


Play it smart helps high school athletes prepare for College.


Interested in the x's and o's of college football? Lots of material here.


The Richmond Spiders return 16 starters for 2009, including nine on defense.



Anonymous said...

Play it smart program great to see these young men get an opportunity they may have not!!!!
Great read Frank!!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

You can change coaches, but it doesn't change the fact that Nebraska still has one of the dirtiest programs. Lawrence Phillips anyone?

I love to watch the Cornhicks lose.

topsfieldfan said...

As a longtime Cornhusker fan, I'm disappointed in "Anonymous"'s comment about how dirty their program is. Phillips and a few others were very bad eggs but to claim they're one of the dirtiest is far from true. I give you the Hurricanes of Miami for starters and any program that has been placed on NCAA probation for that matter. To my knowledge, Nebraska has never been placed on probation and Phillips, Peters and Co. were a long time ago. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

How big of you. Call out another program while ignoring what Nebraska did.

Anonymous said...

I am in higher education, and can say that scholarship offers are revoked for indiscretions perceived as egregious more often than one is aware. It works both ways, and not to suggest that this young man was relieved of his offer for any other reason than what was indicated, but it is the very issue of questionable conduct (or character) that colleges seek to avoid in the first place that may potentially create problems and/or have implications later. If this young man was involved in a legal entanglement or any issue perceived as deleterious to the integrity of a program or university, regardless of what the reputation of the school is, than a scholarship may be revoked--especaily for a recruit not as highly prized as others and who may have been involved in something perceived as undesirable. Then again, Nebraska my have had their eyes on another recruit who decommitted (or whose coach left). Losing ten pounds does not seem a viable reason to pull an offer. Something seems strange about the way the student athlete was discarded.

Anonymous said...