Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reception for Coach Morris

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Unfortunately, Mrs. Blog and I have a prior commitment, so we will be unable to attend Coach Morris' reception. Anyone can attend, even if they not a member of the UMass club or Friends of Football.

I've been to several of the Friends functions at the UMass Club and they are excellent. If any blog reader has an open night on April 23rd, I highly recommend the event.


Anonymous said...

Very nice to see an event being held in support of the football team. I hope we raise some serous money.

I posted many times asking why events like this weren't held for Coach Brown - with never an answer. Water over the dam now. Just glad to see the event being held and hope to see more fundraisers in support of the football program held at various locations.

Anonymous said...

Brown might not have wanted them. He isn't the most outgoing. Not a knock on him, especially since he still played a major role in getting money for the turf and lights. Morris just appears to have a personality more suited for these types of events.

Anonymous said...

URI's spring roster:


Anonymous said...

The 5:30 start time is going to make it very difficult for anyone to make it who doesn't happen to work right in the financial district.

Memo to the organizers; UMass alums have jobs. We're not BC grads living off the trust funds our parents set up for us.