Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday News -- 03/31/09

Our old friend Adam Nettina has an article about FCS football in yesterday's post on the "In the Bleachers" Blog. Nice to see that Adam continues his interest in FCS football. He has a bright future in sports journalism.


More CAA Pro Days, this time Richmond.


More rounds of Josh Buchanan's "Small School" NFL mock draft.

This writer for Newsday thinks that the Big 10 should add Temple. That would include Temple basketball.


Only three days until UMass Spring Football


Anonymous said...

Just read the Newsday article concerning the Big Ten and Temple. Have also read a number of articles regarding the CAA and the pending size of its football program. I am starting to get concerned about the future of UMass sports. We could possibly get lost in the shuffle of conference alignments to come. Someone in athletics needs to be pro-active, and not re-active.

Anonymous said...

I have become convinced that membership in a FBS conference is not going to happen so I hope to see a FCS conference evolve along the geographic lines of the ACC. Our travel costs would go up but we would separate ourselves from the weaker CAA programs. That should generate increased revenue and better recruits for all sports, esp bb.
Attendance is a function of marketing as can be seen by the lacrosse game vs Syracuse 4/25 being moved to Alumni Stadium with a marketing blitz by the AD to establish an attendance record.

BREAK THE RECORD: UMass Seeks New Lacrosse Mark At Syracuse Game On Apr. 25

With a similar effort in support of the fb program we would see an increase in attendance and financial support for the football program.