Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Meanderings - 03/30/09

Results from Hofstra and Appalachian State's Pro Day here.


Round #3 of Josh Buchanan's Small School NFL mock draft ----- with three UMass players on it.


Not much football news on the wires this morning. This week I'll be publishing scans from UMass football programs I collected back in 1984.

I'll have some original content about Spring football, recruiting and more.

Only four days until the first practice!


Anonymous said...

No news on Coen, Will he have the same fate as Santos

Anonymous said...

Santos was/is a much better QB than Coen ever was or will be

Anonymous said...

Frank do you have any information on the sports that are going to be cut?

Prime candidates are Swimming and Diving, Tennis and ???. We need multi-million dollars to build a A10-quality facility for each sport.

Anonymous said...

count baseball in for being cut....highly doubt swimming and diving will as it is one of the most successful teams at umass.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading elsewhere the cost and impossibility of building a winning baseball program.

I think it is time to cut the program. When programs are cut, the opportunity to play baseball and a baseball team will still remain.

However the sport will be a student run sport, ie the savings will result in the elimination of 4 coaches salaries, the travel expenses which are significant for baseball.

We do have a club women's hockey team, and a mens tennis team. They student run and do travel to away games and provide the opportunity for students to play the sport.