Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sixty-Five days until Holy Cross and #65

Only sixty-five days until the 2007 season opens.

Wearing #65 for the Minutemen this year will be Michael Boyle a 6-2 285 pd RS Freshman from Grafton, MA.

Boyle can play both center and guard. He should be a valuable addition to the UMass offensive line.

Welcome to UMass Mike! Hope you have a great career here.


Anonymous said...

Good pic of the player, is that the new recruit brian o. playing beside him??

UMass74 said...

Good question! There was no roster list at the Spring Game.

There was #67 playing and I have a number of shots of him. But is it Ostaszewaski? Would a true freshman be already with the team?

Anonymous said...

i dont think it would have been ostaszewaski, he was still in school, unless he graduated early, but brian is a massive lineman and i think you would have noticed, do u kno wat group that picture was taken with, like the second offense or watever it may be?

UMass74 said...

UMass only had seven OL available for the Spring game and only ten on the whole squad. So there was not really any first team or second team. Austin will certainly start but he DNP in that game.

Anonymous said...

absoultely Austin is an animal, cant wait to watch him play,

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