Saturday, June 23, 2007

Seventy Days until 2007 season opens and #70

Only seventy days until we open the 2007 season.

Wearing #70 for UMass this year will be RS Freshman Kevin Macon a 6-5 325 pd OL from Pittsburgh, PA.

Macon did not see any game action in 2006, but could well be a starter this year.

Welcome to the Minutemen, Kevin! Hope 2007 is the start of a great career.


Anonymous said...

Boy do I like big beef. Looks like the UMass OL will not miss a beat this year and will only get better as the year progresses. You really need a big athletic dominating OL if you want to beat the likes of (Appalacha?) State or Youngstown State, Montana etc. Could be a fun year. Wonder how many games before we have our first sellout?

Anonymous said...

The OL is one of the more interesting aspects of the offense. Building a good one requires 5 players working together whereas in most cases we can plug in a new player at the other positions.
What position(s) did Kevin play on the scout team last year and in the Spring game?
Who played what position(s) and what did the depth chart look like in the spring game?
I can't wait for September!