Thursday, April 05, 2007

Whoa! The 2006 Highlight DVD is Available !

Buried in the clutter of the UMass Athletic Web site is notice that the 2006 Highlight DVD is now available.

I've seen this presentation twice and it's OUTSTANDING.

The DVD is done by NFL Films and the production values are great..

I sent for mine yesterday.

The UMass Football Blog encourages all UMass fans to buy a copy.
  • All proceeds benefit UMass Football
  • You'll own a piece of UMass' historic 2006 run
  • It's practical. Pop it in to your DVD when you are exercising, crank up the volume and get motivated!
I've added a permanent link in the UMass links section.


dennisdent said...

Ordered mine--too bad they don't have one for 1978...

UMass74 said...

Thanks for supporting UMass Football! Hope other people buy it. Since the proceeds go to UMass football, it's a real good way to support the team. Especially for people living far away that don't get to go to the games.

I've got about 20+ VHS tapes of bygone games. I should look to see what I've got and see about transferring them to DVD.

Tom UM '72 said...

Ordered mine today too. By the way, according to Jason Hatchel's latest Blog, spring practice starts this Saturday.

UMass74 said...

I noticed that Hatchel stated spring practice starts Saturday. I've up-dated the count-down clock.

Lots to blog about. New coach hires, Jason's Blog, Spring practice and I've got a bunch of historical material to publish. Whew!

It's good to be a blogger with material to work with :)

Stay tuned!

saint0917 said...

Thanks for the link 74, I'll order mine soon, there better be some footage of me :-). 74, if you get a chance to transfer your VHS to DVD, do it. Our wedding video was on VHS and it was getting bad, so I had a friend of mine transfer it to DVD, the sound and picture quality is amazing.