Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another CAA Football Team?

Georgia State, a member of the all-sports Colonial Athletic Association has hired Dan Reeves as a consultant for a FCS/I-AA football study.

If Georgia State should add football, that would be the 13th member of the league. Thirteen is obviously not an even number. I would think that the CAA would be looking to add another team to even off the schedules. Stony Brook is going independent this year. They would balance the addition of another southern team. However if Old Dominion University, which is adding football in 2009 should join, it would only add to the southern tilt of the league.

This could have long-term effects for UMass Football.

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Anonymous said...

Stoney brook is joining the Big South Conference in 2008. Kind of an odd affiliation, but apparently they wanted to be in a scholarship conference and had no other options at this time. Old Dominion is an all sports member of the CAA which will include football. Certainly an awkward situation for the New England schools which has produced a lot of speculation on future alignments.