Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Odds & Ends

UMass has the latest edition of Jason Hatchell's Spring Practice Blog here (this version has links to the players he's talking about).

The rest of the CAA player blogs are here .

The League also has a review of Spring Practices around the CCA here.

Matty Vautour weighs in with a very nice article on the UMass players who are waiting for the NFL draft. Worth reading.


Anonymous said...

UMass74, I think you are pretty much right on target with your predictions. The only one I question is JMU/UNC. I feel JMU has a fair chance of beating UNC...which is not an ACC power house. We'll see...


UMass74 said...


I assume you're commenting on Saturday's OOC post.

JMU looses QB Rascali (sp?) and both the RBs that ran over Montana in JMU's championship season.

Do you know what they've got for replacements?

I'd be interested to hear.