Wednesday, April 18, 2007

UMass' 2007 Tailbacks

With the graduation of Steve Baylark, the biggest change in the UMass football team will be a new featured running back.

Returning in 2007 are:
That's all the running backs on the roster. Any other running back would be a fullback. Aguh is probably a walkon. He had 2,200 yards and 30 TD's in his last two years at Amherst High.

Sloan Russett would be a 20-year-old freshman after a year of prep school and a redshirt year with UMass in 2006. It will be interesting to see how much playing time he receives in 2007. After sitting out two years, he should be ready to play. He was the all-time leading rusher in New Hampshire history.


Anonymous said...

Matt Lawrence Should be the feature back this year....he showed the most progress to me and i fhe didn't get hurt i think he could have taken Baylarks spot!

Anonymous said...

Using him in the same sentence with B is a pretty good compliment. The OL may have to change their blocking when we change to a speed backfield (Much like to Patriots who are also changing from a power back to a speed back).

UMass74 said...

Ah, in 2005 maybe he would have taken some of Steve's carries.

In 2006, when Baylark reported in superb condition, I doubt many tailbacks in the nation could have taken much playing time from him.

Since this is Lawrence's senior season, I hope he gets 1,000+ yards.