Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring Practice begins today!

Well, it's 20 degrees and we have 8 inches of snow cover this morning in New Hampshire, but I've been told the last storm was just a dusting in Western Mass.

For the last three months there has been a great disturbance in the force. Now with coach Brown again plotting blitz packages and UMass players back bigger and stronger, serenity has returned.

Spring Football is here.

As reported by Tom um 72, in the comments section of the previous blog, UMass has it's Spring Football Roster up.


  • Mike Thomas, DB
  • Jon Carnes, OL
  • Heath Heekin OL
  • Carlos Feliciano OL
  • Victor Cruz WR (sigh)
  • Kyle C. Harrington DE
The UMass Football Blog hopes all UMass players stay healthy and have a great spring practice.


Tom UM '72 said...

The only significant loss is Mike Thomas who played a lotof SS for a frosh. Hopefully it is only a grades issue and he can improve and get back on track for the fall!

saint0917 said...

What happen to Victor Cruz?

umassfan said...

dont worry Cruz will be back come fall. Hes taking care of things away from campus at the moment

UMass74 said...

Cruz would be a big help, if he can stay eligible...