Friday, April 13, 2007

FCS/I-AA internet audio links

UNH superfan Travis Liles has a web page with links to the audio feeds for the entire FCS/I-AA universe.

Useful if you want listen to the other side of a UMass game or you want to check on the status of one of UMass' rivals.

I've added a permenent link in the "Other sites of interest" section of this blog.


Travis said...

Thanks for linking this information for fans to have access to. The link here is what I refer to as v. 1.0 which I made during the 2006 season.

I am currently working on v. 2.0 for the 2007 season.

I will pass along the new link when its complete.

Again thanks for sharing this information with your blog readers.


UMass74 said...

Thanks Travis.

E-mail me with the 2.0 link and I'll add it to my site.

Still waiting for that UNH site to be finished...