Monday, January 29, 2007

Great Performances 2006---- Liam Coen

In the race to the National Championship game, it was easy to loose track of individual performances in 2006.

Our QB Liam Coen had a banner year. The following statistics are unofficial . Remember he's just a sophomore...
  • Threw for 3,016 yards in 2006 (3rd all time for single season yard--dropping Jeff Krohn's 2961 in 2003 to 4th place)
  • 5,191 Career yards places him 3rd in total career yards passing ---behind Dave Palazzi's 5,402 career yards)
  • 65.0% completion average places him 1st in season average---he also holds 2nd place 63.9% in 2005)
  • 217 Completions in 2006 places him 4th---- just ahead of Tim Day's 194 in 2004)
  • 160.52 Efficiency rating places him 1st-----by a large margin over Greg Landry's 145.4 in 1965)
  • 26 TD Passes in 2006 makes him 3rd all time single season---behind Jeff Krohn's 28 in 2003)
  • 36 Career TD's places him 4th all time----behind Peil Pennington's 38 in '71-73
  • 1st in yards passing by a sophomore----destroying Tim Bryant's 1,430 in 1986
Hopefully he'll have another great season in 2007!


Anonymous said...

I am a little surprised to see such a high efficiency rating. I only saw him in the Montana game and, of course, on the tube against Appalachian State. In these games at least he seemed to throw mostly safe passes ie screen passes, passes out to the flat, drop off passes to the tailback or tight end etc. The wide receivers did not appear to be a major part of the offense. Is this the reason for the high efficiency rating. I considered him a good quarterback, but certainly not in a class with Landry.

UMass74 said...

No, he did use his WR's effectively earlier in the season. He owns two of the top five longest completions in UMass history.

His short passing game against the Griz and Appalachian State were because of the quality of the defenses. Also UMass was trying to feature our tough running game