Friday, January 26, 2007

Football Gathering a success

A large and enthusiastic group of UMass Football fans gathered at the UMass Club in Boston last night to celebrate the success of the UMass Football team in 2006.

Coach Brown spoke as did UMass President Wilson. Also speaking with the Chairman of the Board of Umass Trustees. UMass players in attendance were Liam Coen, Matt Austin, Charles Walker, Mike Meggett and John Hatchell (hopefully I didn't miss anybody). As I have said before, the UMass players are impressive young men to talk to.

It was wonderful to meet and talk with other UMass fans and members of the UMass administration.

This blog encourages all UMass Football Fans to join the UMass Friends of Football and the UMass Alumni Association. It's not just the $$$, it's the support that those organizations can point to in the on-going struggle to make good things happen for the team and the University.

It costs $900 for two season tickets to Montana football (cost of tickets and a large mandatory contribution to the athletic dept). UMass fans can make an impact for far less...

UPDATE: I forgot. Coach Brown brought a 2006 highlight film produced by the same people that do NFL Highlights. It was great. Brown said it would be shown to all the 2007 recruits.

Hopefully, the athletic dept will make it available to UMass fans. I would certainly make a donation to the athletic fund for a copy.

UPDATE II: The Alumni Club has some images here .


Tom UM '72 said...

Thanks for the report. Wish I could have gone. By the way did Coach Brown talk at all about next season and any recruiting info?


UMass74 said...

Yes he did talk a little about 2007. He said that a National Championship was again a goal for the UMass Football team (and seemed to think it was possible).

He said because of the delay imposed by the playoffs and the NCAA mandated "quiet period" for the holidays, UMass had only three weeks to get recruiting done.

He can't comment, by NCAA rule, on any recruit until they are officially signed.

I heard some rumors about both recruits and I-A transfers, but I can't comment because they are unofficial and I don't want to cause any problems for the team.

Liam Coen did say that he expected Victor Cruz WR to be an impact player (he was ineligible last year), if his academics are in order.

Tom UM '72 said...

Thanks for the info Frank . . looking forward to '07!


Anonymous said...

The evening was very enjoyable and the highlight tape was exciting to watch. I too, would be willing to make a donation to UMass Football to get a copy of the tape. I think other fans would as well. How can we let the athletic dept. know that something like a highlight film is sought after by fans?

UMass74 said...

Probably Bill Sisler or Jason Yellin would be the person to talk to.

I'll e-mail the athletic dept and see what happens.

I'll report back to the blog on the response.

UMass74 said...

Received the following e-mail reply from Jason Yellin

"We will be selling it to benefit the team. Details to come.
Jason Yellin"

Sounds good. Details probably will be on the Athletic website.