Saturday, January 20, 2007

Baylark plays tonight in the East-West Shrine Game

Steve Baylark plays tonight at the East-West Shrine game at 7:00 on ESPN2.

His competitors teammates at RB on the East Squad are: Alonzo Coleman (Hampton), Tyrone Moss (Miami), fullback Jesse Allen (Virginia Tech) and Jason Snelling Virginia.

UPDATE: The UMass Athletic Dept has an article about Baylark and the game here . He will wear #23 in the Red uniforms.

UPDATE Sunday 1/21: Baylark had a great game! He led all East RB's with 7 carries for 32 yards 4.6 yards/carry. He also caught the only ball that was thrown to him for 10 yards and a first down. So Steve ended up with 42 total yards. The East run blocking stunk. Baylark had 27 yards one carry (I think the longest run by ANY TB in the game). He got about four yards on another run. He had ZERO blocking on his other five carries.

The East's offense stunk.They only had 60 yards of total rushing. The Associated Press box score of the game is here .

UNH's David Ball had three catches for 80 yards. He made one of his patented climb-the-ladder catches for the best catch of the game.

Delaware' TE Patrick was under unitized. He ended up with 2 catches for 27 yards. The I-AA contingent seemed to be QB'd mostly by Gutierrez from Idaho State and he did not have a good game going 8/19 67 yards. He found Patrick for a catch more or less by accident. Baylark was open out of the backfield on nearly every play. On his only catch, he clapped his hands to attract Gutierrez' attention...

Brown's Zac Deozzie had an excellent game. He was a star on special teams and was around the ball all day on defense.


Adam said...

Both Baylark and Ball looked very good. I hope they get decent looks by the scouts and get a fighting chance in the NFL.

On an unrelated note, their is a fairly substantial rumor Navy safety Jeremy Miles may be looking to transfer to UMass. Have you heard anything about this?

UMass74 said...

Nothing specifically about Miles. I have heard that "several" I-A transfers are interested in UMass.

UMass can't comment on I-A's until they are on campus, so we may not get official reconfirmation until summer...

football1 said...

Check out a nice recap of the East-West Shrine Game. Steve Baylark made the most of his opportunity and stood out in a game filled with talented prospects. Perhaps you would like to highlight this feature Frank.

Anonymous said...

Baylark looked good, Tell ya what..that fullback was 37 Allen did very well also,monster blocker.. 2 catches for 16 yds and 2 carrys for 12 yds....I didnt think alternating quarterbacks helped rythem

UMass74 said...

As I said originally, I thought the East's offensive plan reeked.

The announcers said that the players were thrilled to be practicing in "A real pro offense"

Too bad they didn't use that offense instead of the one we saw :)