Thursday, January 18, 2007

Be still my heart!!!

Be still my freakin' heart.

Relevant quote from the article:"Now, as UMass seeks to replace and renovate aging classroom and research buildings and possibly build a new football stadium if a move to take the Division 1-AA Minutemen into big league Division 1 gathers momentum, university officials are more confident than at any time in recent history of more support from the state."


dennisdent said...

Oh my god if thats true!!!!!!!!

Has to come from someone...

UMass74 said...

Well, a new stadium is probably a stretch, but it would be significant if the legislature would dump some money into UMass sports infrastructure and the UMass administration is at least thinking about upgrading the some of the football facilities.

McGuirk is 40+ years old an just about nothing has been been since then. The roof leaks in the field house bathrooms. The field house is cramped and old. You really could see the difference in a new facility when we visited Chattanooga.

UMass Football certainly does a lot with not much.

Over the last 12-15 years Conn. has dumped over 3 Billion into UConn. It would be nice if the new administration put some fraction of that into new bricks & mortar for UMass-----and some of those funds ended up in UMass football.