Saturday, May 12, 2018

UMass Football Recruiting 2020--Haskett Luqman

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Hasquett Lugman a RB from Virginia Beach, VA has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass. has video.

2017 All-District.

This article features Lugman.

Lugman also has an offer from North Carolina State.


The Smoking Chimp said...

Frank - as always, your blog continues to be the first site I check in the morning. Great work. I'm still jazzed over the USA Today rankings putting UMass at #75. Let's earn it this year and improve the next recruiting cycle.

Speaking of recruiting, check out Miami of Ohio's 2019 recruiting class. It's already better than their 2018 class!

OT - Frank - aren't you due for some exotic vacation?

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog and I moved in November of 2017. We still have some projects to do on our new house in 2018. So, we're not doing much this year. We will be going to the UMass-Ohio game. We'd like to go to the Georgia game, but we might have a conflict for that.

We'll be off (and yes I know I've been off for years) in 2019 to somewhere.

Glad to know you like the blog. I'm still having fun with it after all these years. I intend to keep it going.

ZooMass 84 said...


Your blog is the best!!!! (But you knew that). Don't worry about the football program: we'll stay FBS and a new stadium will be coming one of these days......Don't want to make predictions, but I think will be pleasantly surprised this fall.

Dave Root said...

Almost forgot Frank: last year's debacle for the first 6 games were very tough to watch. I still can't get over the Hawaii game. I thought I was in a crazy world watching that punt return fumble. But we will steamroll Duquesne and the new DC will bring great things for us.

UMass74 said...

The Coastal Carolina loss was the one that made me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Coastal Carolina game and it was hard to believe.
That was no accident.
We were crushed.
I'm confident (hopeful?) that that won't happen again this year.
We are better and ready to roll.

msumassfootball said...

Amen to all of the above!