Wednesday, May 30, 2018

UMass Football News-May 30th, 2018

Coach Whipple has a 10 minute podcast interview on a Florida radio station on recruiting South Florida.


Ohio State will visit the Rutgers East Coast Elite recruiting camp at Rutgers that UMass will also attend.

More on the East Coast Elite recruiting camp here.


ESPN has released its win predictions for Georgia's 2018 season. According to ESPN, the Dogs have a 98% win projection over the Minutemen and will be undefeated when the game is played.


Duquesne vs Dayton on September 15th, rates a one of the Top-25 FCS non-conference games of 2018.


How Appalachian State determines recruiting areas for assistant coaches.

Seven stats to know about the 2018 Mountaineers


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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Whip thinking Big for the upcoming year. Waiting for the good news for UMass Athletics, is Calipari coming to run the department? Now that is great news!