Friday, May 04, 2018

UMass Football News--May 4th, 2018

SB Nation has an upbeat preview of the 2018 UMass Minutemen. Hopefully, UMass will change the dynamics of our situation this year. Being an Independent means we have to play a greater-than-average number of Power Five teams. That impacts our win total every year. If we can break through to a .500 or better season, those number should translate into success in C-USA or the Sun Belt. A league, any league, would be a big help. And, of course, if we have a chance to join the AAC, a winning record would be a positive selling point.


Kip Daily, former Kansas State CB who had two INT's against UMass back in 2013, is now catching crooks.


Despite the addition of UMass transfer Jack Driscoll, the starting  Auburn offensive line is still up in the air.

Driscoll's arrival is complicating things for former five-star OL recruit Calvin Ashley.


The Orlando Sentinel has Hawaii, who managed only three wins last year (one of them against UMass) as #116 in 2018.


TMG Sports says A.J. Dillon is good enough to power the Eagles over UMass in BC's season opener.


Speaking of making a bowl, the 2018-19 college bowl schedule is out. Since most of the bowls have league tie-ins, the Frisco Bowl with an AAC team vs at large would be our only hope, unless some of the other Group-of-Five leagues can't supply enough bowl-eligible teams.



Anonymous said...

So BC is going to run,run run? Blaudshun’s a meathead. UMass has strong DBs and will stack the box. This is a very winnable game unless the play calling goes haywire.

James Pierotti said...

That SB Nation article is spot on. And it reinforces my point that Whipple is on the hot seat. If the program was ever going to make a big step forward then this IS the year. If it doesn’t (6 wins at least) then he will be replaced. That’s a hot seat. He’s had several seasons to build the program. A step back this year with the offensive firepower he has at his disposal and a favorable schedule means win or else. Again that’s a hot seat. Not sure why you feel differently Frank. 5-7 is not improvement in 2018. Can’t have a Coastal Carolina collapse again.

The Smoking Chimp said...

I agree with James on the hot seat comment. If Whip can't go 500 with this squad and schedule, why would we think that will ever change?

The SB Nation article is a great read. Bill C. does a great job with these. Can' wait for the season to start!

Anonymous said...

Whip should have been gone last year.

Anonymous said...

UMass has had both hot seats and empty seats for too long.

Anonymous said...

Whip and Pinkham are a good match up. I'm good with what we got.