Tuesday, May 08, 2018

UMass Footbal News--May 8th, 2018

USA Today ranks college football teams after Spring ball. UMass is #75, which is the highest any source has ranked the Minutemen since the move to FBS. It's probably too high. Our rebuilt front seven on defense would really have to come through. OTOH, the Orlando Sentinel's rank of #120 is too low. The Minutemen offense should roll this year. I would rank the Minutemen in the #95 to #105 range...


Ryan O'Keefe, a 5-10 165 pound WR who had a UMass offer, signs with UCF.


SB Nation reports 2018 opponent USF is loaded with talent.


Coastal Carolina's field is turquoise, Boise State's is blue, Incarnate Word has camo endzones. Maybe the opposing teams won't be able to find them?


UConn will have a new offensive coordinator this year. the Huskies want to run a no-huddle fast paced offense.



James Pierotti said...

Real good point Frank. We all know what the offense is capable of. If the defense can get off the field and get Andrew Ford more possessions then the team could very well have their best FBS season ever. That’s a big IF. We don’t know what the D will be capable of. If they finish 7-5 then 75th is about right

Anonymous said...

No more excuses!! It’s show up or blowup.