Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday--August 27th, 2014

There's been a lot of depressing news over the last month of so. This prank made me smile. Kudos to the UMass fan or fans who dressed the statue of Doug Flutie at BC stadium in a UMass jersey.

Story by CBS News here. Matty Vautour has UMass players reaction here. Note that the game will probably set a UMass home attendance record.

BC Blog "Soaring to Glory" reacts with the sense of humor that Eagles fans are noted for.


Dan Malone has Mark Whipple talks freshman contributors and physical conditioning.

He also reports Jamal Wilson looks like the starting RB against BC.

After three years of waiting, it looks like TE Brandon Howard will start Saturday.


Matty Vautour looks at the amazin' career of Minutemen punter Brian McDonald.


Speaking of BC, the Globe says the Eagles captains are a study in perseverance .

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- rates UMass' schedule as the toughest in the MAC.


Michael Cox and Julian Talley both survived the Giants first round roster cuts.


The Colorado Buffs release their first 2014 depth chart.


Anchor of Gold looks at the new Vandy starters.


Meanwhile Penn State prepares for a very long road trip.



TopUMassFan said...

BC should have a balloon festival each year to coincide with the football season kickoff, they're so full of hot air!

Every year we hear hoe theyre SO great and soar to new heights, just to fall back to earth, wounded eagles.

And to say "UMass doesn't have any players worthy of a statue"...I offer Greg Landry and Milt Morin for starters!

UMass 17-BC 14

UMass74 said...

I like the NFL East preview at the bottom of Soaring to Glory's post features a big image of Victor Cruz :)

izy1 said...

Note to UMASS
Flutie shirt deal is funny, now back it up and bring your balz to the game and kick BC butt