Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday---August 10th, 2014

The UMass Daily Collegian says Marcel Shipp is overseeing a strong group of UMass running backs.

The Collegian also says the Minutemen are anxious to play a more aggressive defense.


The BC blog "Soaring to Glory" looks at the Eagles defensive coaches including Don Brown and Ben Albert.

Don Brown's BC bio.

Ben Alberts' BC bio.

The Boston Globe says BC coach Steve Addazio want BC's practices to be more physical.


The Stony Brook Sea Wolves have a deep backfield including UMass transfer Stacey Bedell


Bowling Green coach Dino Barbers says he has the best defense he's ever had as a football coach.


In last night's game Julian Talley had two catches for 19 yards and Michael Cox had 2-8. Cox also rushed for 6-4. No stats for Blanchflower.



Anonymous said...

Further evidence that UMASS needs someone with vision in sports marketing...the list of top selling sports merchandise comes out with the top 75 list. UMASS not on it but BC is at 55, while Delaware, BU, James Madison and others are. Next time your in Kohl's in Springfield or Leominster, choosing from BC gear, or flying into Bradley Airport seeing all the UCONN gear and get this they have finally added a Massachusetts University(Harvard), you will no longer wonder why. UMASS is it's own worst enemy, this falls on the AD for simply not making this a priority.

UMass73 said...

I stop regularly at the Kohl's stores in Mansfield and Avon here in eastern MA. They are selling now and they have sold for several years UMass clothing, as well as BC clothing, in these stores. Not sure why the Kohl's closer to Amherst wouldn't also be selling UMass gear.