Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday--August 20th, 2014

The results for the "Away" uniforms poll were interesting. The top vote getter was maroon helmets, white jerseys and maroon pants. In the locker room they had a manikin with white helmet, white jersey and maroon pants. I voted for all white myself. The least favorite combination was a maroon helmet and white jerseys and pants, which in my opinion, would make us look like Temple clones.


UMass QB coach Liam Coen explains how Blake Frohnapfel won the QB contest.


Video interview with Eric Frohnapfel, Blake's twin brother.

The Huntington Herald-Dispatch has a story about the Frohnapfel brothers.


Dan Malone has five questions with three-star running back recruit J. T. Blyden. Blyden's UMass bio.


Brandon Howard
Matty Vautour looks at the TE situation with two weeks to go before Boston College. Right now the depth chart looks like:

  1. Brandon Howard RSJR 6-5 250 GP 12 4-55 13.8 AVE 20 LONG
  2. Rodney Mills Jr 6-1 215 GP/GS 12/4 5-47 9.4 AVE 25 LONG also had 6 TT on special teams.
Also in the mix are Jon Denton, JR 6-6 260, who probably will see a lot of action. Sharif Custis RSFR 6-3 210 and QB-turned-TE Tod Stafford 6-7 261.

Still waiting for academic clearance is Jean Sirfin, JR 6-7 250.


The Orlando Sentinel previews the 2014 Minutemen.



The Penn State band, which will be performing with the UMass Band on September 20th, has a tradition canceled.

------------------------------------------------------------- looks at the 2014 Buffalo Bulls and predicts a win over UMass.


BC Interruption discusses trap games for the Eagles and mentions UMass and its 42-man fan base.



Speaking of the NFL, I'm glad I'm a college football fan. The new penalty rules have made NFL games unwatchable. The Giants-Colts game had nearly 30 penalties. Other preseason game have had similar totals. 




Anonymous said...

17k = sad, where have the administrators been. Not one interview on Boston radio or TV, no serious attempt at penetrating Boston market, just constant messages on UMASS websites, etc. We need new fans, not begging indifferent alumni. Why hasn't anyone targeted the Worcester, always a strong UMASS fan base? How about asking UMASS Boston Lowell, Dartmouth, Worcester campuses to come, with discounts for employees? Praying for good weather is not a good strategy. 68,000 football fans will be in Foxboro Friday, they should all leave with a flyer and code for a discount for UMASS tickets, if purchased by Monday.

Anonymous said...

They have been at every Patriots event this year and years prior since we moved up. There will be more in attendance than 17k. Pep rally in Boston, etc. is coming. I agree more can be done but you have to acknowledge that more than nothing has been done.